The Virtual Big Sister Network

A community of women who are dedicated to self-discovery in order to change the world!



We bring together driven women seeking support in their self-discovery journey who want to achieve mental and emotional wellness by connecting with like-minded change-makers and becoming more emotionally intelligent so that they can align with their purpose, take action on their dreams, serve others wholeheartedly, and create a more compassionate world!

This network was built by a group of women JUST LIKE YOU, who have experience creating safe space for people to self-discover!

It is for anyone craving community or seeking sisterhood with other women who hold similar values and have similar desires to create a positive impact.


  • Get direct + personal answers to your life questions by admirable, compassionate women who totally get you, because we're all on this journey too!
  • It's for heart-led female-identifying humans 18 yrs and older. ANYONE with a passion for people and drive to create a positive impact through their own healing journey.
  • Learn and connect by watching and participating in the monthly classes, reading the articles, following and responding to others' stories and questions, doing the weekly challenges and reflections, and just by being YOU as a part of this AMAZING network! 
  • Be challenged by the weekly reflection questions and challenges. Step out of your comfort zone and be pushed to stretch yourself in ways you never thought you could. Occasionally we'll throw in a free lifesheet too!
  • If you need support with burn out, stress, loneliness, if you're feeling alone in a particular life event and need a sister to lean on. If you're at a fork in the road or have family who doesn't support you... we have your back and can be your mirror. 
  • If you love to serve by being a light and leader for others, through sharing your experiences, your passions, and your spirit. This is a place for you to shine as brightly as you possibly can and be celebrated for it! 
  • Connect and collaborate with other driven change-makers who want to see you succeed and want your help succeeding. Hit up your sister to collab on a project, or to meet up with IRL.
  • Stay accountable by sharing your plans! We're all watching and ready to cheer you on, or provide some encouragement you when you need it!
  •  It's NOT on Facebook and there are NO algorithms. Your posts will get seen and responded to... in detail. You can choose what you want to see, search for what you want, or you can browse everything, all sorted by chronological, most popular, or last interacted with posts. You control what you see. AND you can access it ALL with the app!



  • VBSN Membership & Specific Topic Rooms (Valued at $797) - We are always adding to the list of conversation topics. These spaces are places you can ask vulnerable questions about things you may not feel comfortable asking your friends or family. Our topics range from dating + sexuality to productivity and organization tips for success. We are here to support you!
  • Monthly Speakers and Classes (Valued at $597) - We will have an expert on a specific topic teach a class or host a workshop once a month. These classes will always be free or heavily discounted for members!
  • Weekly Challenges and Reflections (Valued at $379) - That's 52 weeks of material personal growth AND accountability. These weekly challenges will push you to connect and inspire you to keep moving toward your heart calls. The more you put into participating in these, the more you'll get out of your experience in the network!
  • One-on-one Mentorship from Annabelle & Hosts (Valued at $1279) - Connect one-on-one with entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, activists, travelers, creatives, and all-round good humans who are intentionally pursuing their purpose and deeply desire to uplift YOU!
  • BONUS: Unique Discount Code to Share with Friends! - This will get you AND them 20% discounts on all LTMLS programs and store items - That means 20% off of our leadership training program, Self-discovery program, classes, stickers, and lifesheets!
  • BONUS: Join the Member-Led Book Club or Start Your Own Group! - You can join a book club started by your sister Sofia, OR practice your leadership skills and start your own club within the network too!
  • BONUS: Lifetime Pricing - Your price is locked-in for as long as you wish to remain a sister in the Network. Yep. No matter how many times the price goes up for new members, your price will never change for the entire duration of your membership.
  • BONUS: Automatically become an Ambassador - Once you become a sister, you'll receive your own discount code. When your friends use your code to purchase programs, you get $100 credit toward your next program! After 3 friend referrals, you have the option to trade your credits for cash to help you continue to pursue your dreams (Or even pay for your membership!) How freakin cool is that?! 


Sunshine Sister Membership Price of $17/mo 

We recommend signing up for the Annual Membership!

Let me give you some context as to how little the price is compared to the massive value.

You can also SPONSOR a membership for someone (annual memberships only). If you would like to sponsor a membership for a sister, please check out the Letters to My Little Sisters LLC Shop to purchase a membership

We want to make sure this type of support is accessible for ALL women, no matter their economic status. We do our best to provide sponsorship options, scholarships, and discounts for all of our products. If you have questions feel free to reach out!



OUR MISSION: Letters to My Little Sisters exists to empower, inspire, and support young women on their healing and self-discovery journeys. We provide resources and support that builds you up to be a leader, and “Big Sister” to people in your community because our ripple of influence flows farther than we can imagine.

OUR WHY: The world becomes a more loving place when people are willing to do the work on themselves. We believe that people who are self-aware are able to approach life from a curious, open-minded place. When people are more open to new perspectives, there is less conflict, more empathy, and more connection. Your healing is not just for you – it dictates how you show up in the world and what your influence will be.

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